The production entitled TREIBGUT, which means flotsam or wreckage found floating on water, is performed on and in water - a first for Theater Titanick. City harbours, lakes or rivers are turned into open-air stages.

Recent catastrophic floods have highlighted the limits of human power. Whenever the boundaries that man has set are overcome by nature, whenever it claims back some of its territory, even if only temporarily, it becomes clear that the ancient battle between man and his environment, between Nature and Culture is far from over and settled.

It is precisely on this border line, or rather in this area of contact between human beings and nature, that this Titanick project is set. TREIBGUT is not concerned with the causes of floods, but with how people cope with such disasters, how they repeatedly fail in the face of nature and its massive powers, at once destructive and life-giving, both fascinating and terrifying.

In keeping with the typical Titanick style TREIBGUT offers sensational water- and fire-effects, a bizarre humour, an extraordinary visual language and grotesque figures. Without words, the images touch and enchant audiences around the world.